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Are you ready to unleash your strength, embrace your femininity, and dance your way to empowerment? Introducing twerXout® – the revolutionary dance fitness concept that combines Twerking with dynamic fitness exercises and captivating dance routines. More than just a workout, twerXout® is a celebration of confidence, diversity, and self-love. Join our growing community of likeminded while breaking boundaries and reshaping the fitness industry, one twerk at a time!

 twerXout® class will push your limits, leaving you breathless and craving more. This is the adrenaline-fueled workout you've been searching for!

twerXout® We finally fight all prejudice with Twerking and its image that its just a shaking your butt. On the contrary! Training in a constant squat position really burns legs and booty! The challenging but fun dance elements and routines improve condition and promote coordination and cognitive abilities. It is going to make you sweat like crazy but have fun at the same time.

But it's not just about enjoying an active life. While you may get closer to your fitness goals, it's much more about breaking free from societal norms and showing that we can move, dress and do whatever we want. Through twerXout® we can express ourselves and show that Twerking is rich in culture and an incomparable power and beauty that should be heard, seen and felt!

twerXout® is not just a workout. It's a community!

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Have fun and burn tons of calories

Improve your stamina and coordination

Live an active life and love your fit self

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