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twerXout – your innovative twerk fitness programm

twerXout - your innovative twerk fitness program


So, you want to dance to hot rhythms, have fun and burn calories and build muscles at the same time? Than twerXout® is the right choice for you! This innovative Dance-Fitness-Workout combines intensive exercise with basic twerk elements which makes it something you’ve never done before.

The best workout innovation to

get your booty in shape!

twerXout® fitness program works with your body weight and finally fights all prejudice. Twerking makes you “shake your butt”. Constant training in Squat-Position will make your legs burn and let you work especially hard on your hips. The dance Workout-Part will make you sweat but it’ll also make you laugh.

Unleash your passion for dance

Learn all Twerk basic elements

Improve your stamina and coordination

Become a part of our active community

Have fun and burn tons of calories

Become closer to your dream body

We’ll be glad to see you in one of our Partner-Studios.

Be yourself, feel good and SHAKE!

Come and join us