twerXout® is all about “US”!

We laugh together and WE can reach our goals together. WE are a community!

We are awakening the passion for Dance and Fitness. This combination is invincible.

We can be ourselves and laugh happily.

We encourage women of all shapes and sizes to love their forms and become self-confident.

We are determined and push ourselves further. Your goal is our goal: we’ll reach it together.

We stand for fun – bright, loud, positive and free!

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We can’t sit still, our hips start moving to good music and hot rhythms.

We are not afraid of changes, we are open to new discoveries and are happy with everything that’s new.

We always treat each other well and constantly motivate each other. Friendly and warm-hearted atmosphere is very important for us.

We are active and lively. WE simply adore sport, especially when we can do it with cool people.

We can overcome all difficulties because we are strong and know what we want.

The twerXout® formula is You + Me = WE! P.S. Men are also welcome