twerXperience Nr. 11 – 9 & 10 November 2024


twerXperience Nr. 11

Phase 1 – Early Bird (SOLD OUT)
FULL PASS, 145,00 
(first 15 spots)


Next: Phase 2
FULL PASS, 165,00 €
New: includes entry for battles & showcases

Two Days full of Twerk & Dance Experience
9 & 10 November 2024


It´s time for the next episode! The ultimate twerXperience Nr. 11 in the building!
This time we bring the twerXperience back to its birthplace: Hannover, Germany!

This editions goodies are:

+ Workshops
+ Official German Twerk Championship 2024
+ Showcases


Workshops with an amazing Line-Up of artists and Instructors, Professionals as well as Newcomers from different corners of the world. This time from Switzerland/Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Argentina and the United States.

Workshops on Saturday & Sunday range from classes of Twerk Technique, twerXout®, Twerk Foundation & Exploration, Twerk Choreography, Twerk Acro & Freestyle, Floorwork and Hip Hop Twerk.

Official German Twerk Championship 2024

As part of the International Twerk Champions committee, we host the national pre-selection for the big world final. The winner of the battles in Germany on 9th November 2024 will then take part in the big final in Madrid in 2025 and will compete against all the other winners of the participating countries to represent Germany.

Important Regulation:
According to the ITC rules, all participants in the national battle must be German citizens or have been residents of Germany for more than 6 months. Additionally, they must actively participate in the German Twerk Community, both of which are subject to proof.


Theme for the battles is: AI (Artificial Intelligence)
The theme must be incorporated in the first round (Presentation). This includes elements such as music, clothing, make-up, and the overall performance for this round. Further rounds are not subject to this theme.


Registration: Pre-Selection 
There will be a pre-selection via video. Please send a video of you to (you can also send a link to an Instagram video). After evaluation of the level, we can only then ensure the participation in the battles.

Deadline for registration: 1. October 2024
Deadline for music of the first round: 15. October 2024

The Prize:
200 € for the ticket to Madrid
Fullpass to the next twerXperience and a bag full of clothes, goodies and vouchers by our sponsors and partners.

Performances & Showcases
This year we introduce a new format to the twerXperience. We want to give the opportunity and reason for you to grow, to train and to show yourself and your talent. By creating the space for you to make a show with your students and friends or in a solo/duo we see a lot of value for the community. Also we want to see you shine! This new Showcase format can have solos, duos, small group or formation performances and its going to take place right before the national battles. To register for your performance, please do the following:

Write an E-Mail to until 31.08. 2024 

– what format (solo, duo, small group, formation)
– name of the group or names of participants
– number of people

If number of people and participants are not yet clear, this can be adjusted later in the process. We just need to know how many showcases we will have, so we can organise and plan everything accordingly.

Latest Deadline: 01.10.2024
Final adjustments have to be done and music has to be sent by 01.10.2024.
Music: 2 min for groups, 1:30 min for solo & duo

Line UP


= Nieshh Simpson (USA)

Coming all the way from Brooklyn, New York – Twerkologist and Choreographer Nieshh Simpson will share her knowledge about the Twerk culture in New York and give not only a lecture with practical information but also teach us her style of Twerking, which she describes as a blend of the African culture and New Orleans Bounce with a dash of her fun personality. On Sunday she will bring the heat in a stylish Hip Hop Twerk choreography. This is going to hit different!


= Estefi (ARG)
@estefispark 🔥
As a visionary in the twerk scene, Estefi stands out as a key Argentine figure on the global stage, constantly traveling on her international Twerk tours. Estefi is celebrated for her efforts in broadening the scope and political awareness of Twerk across Latin America and Europe. She is the CEO of High On Twerk, Argentina’s pioneering Twerk Culture festival. Her excellent Twerk technique and distinctive movements captivate audiences. On Sunday, she will be leading a Twerk Foundation & Exploration class.


= Olina Popa (UKR)
@olina_popa 🔥
Olina Popa has the brightest smile and enters the room with an indescribable light. Trained in acrobatics and dance since childhood, Olina creatively fuses acrobatics and Twerk in a uniquely captivating way. Her skilful freestyle and charismatic choreographies are an absolute delight to watch and are full of innovative movements and dynamics. Furthermore she is passionate about battles and won several titles in Ukraine and Europe. She will be teaching an Acro & Freestyle and a Twerk Choreo class.


= Stella (AUT) from Germany
Stella, our Twerk Champion Germany 2023, proudly represented Germany in the grand final battles in Madrid. She is a very skilful Twerker and possesses a sensual aura with a quirky, almost nerdy charm, and she loves incorporating sexy moves into her routines. Her unique blend of elegance and playfulness makes her performances unforgettable. Stella will be teaching a Twerk Technique class, sharing her expertise and passion with all participants.


= Kristina Marks (GER/RU) from Switzerland
@kristinamarks_ 🔥
Being the organizer of twerXperience and co-founder of twerXout, Kristina is passionate about keep building a Twerk community in Germany and Switzerland. Her skilled Twerking moves are creatively incorporated in her choreographies. With Floorplay, a  style she describes as a „playground of femininity“ that has also a concept of a theatrical performance, making it a unique form of art, Kristina brings creativity and artistic expression to the table. This time she will teach a Floorwork Technique class to build a foundation to all your floor moves.


09:45 Registry
10:15 – 10:45 Warm Up & twerXout®
11:00 – 12:00  Twerk Technique by Stella
12:15 – 13:30 Acro & Freestyle by Olina
13:45 – 15:15 Lecture & Twerk by Niesh
15:30 – 17:00 Twerk Choreography by Olina


Showcases & German Twerk Championship 2024
19:45 Entry
20:00 Showcases
20:30 Battles


09:30 Registry
09:45 – 10:00 Warm Up & Stretch
10:00 – 11:00 Floorwork Techniques by Kristina
11:15 – 12:45 Foundation & Exploration of Twerk by Estefi
13:00 – 14:30 Hip Hop Twerk by Nieshh
15:00 – Kisses Goodbye & End


* The Time Table can be subject to change*



Phase 1 – First 15 spots (SOLD OUT)

FULL PASS, 145,00 €
New: includes entry for battles & showcases


Phase 2 – After 15 spots are gone until sold out

FULL PASS, 165,00 €
New: includes entry for battles & showcases


Phase 3 – Day Passes from 1. September 2024


(Please note that the Day Passes do not include the battle & showcase entry)


Phase 4 – Available 6 weeks before the event
(if not all sold out)

35,00 € per class, paid in cash at the event.




Prices Entry Showcases & Battles:

5 €  twerXout instructors/twerXperience participants
10 €  Guests Family & Friends

The ticket is valid for entry of both, showcases and national Twerk championship. You can purchase entry tickets right before the battle at the event location. Only cash accepted.

NEW: The FULLPASS now includes watching Shows & Battles.

Participation in national battles & showcases is FREE



***Important Info***
Please note that there is a „No-Money-Back-Policy“ and we do not make any refunds or give vouchers. You can furthermore sell your ticket and inform us about the contact details of the person you have sold your ticket to.



– kneepads for both days are needed, heels are not needed in this edition
– please bring water and snacks for the day

Questions via


Move & Style Dance Academy
Vahrenwalder Str. 195 A
30165 Hannover

Infos about location:

Many Parking spots available right around the area.
Tramway station „Büttnerstrasse“ in 400 m

Hotel nearby:

Ibis City Hannover
Vahrenwalder Str. 113
30165 Hannover

1 km from studio
14 min walk, 2 stations with train


More Questions?
Ask us, via