LIVE Online Ausbildung

You book the training that suits you and pay for it via Paypal or bank transfer in advance. A week before the start of the LIVE online training, you will be notified and given instructions on how to access Zoom - a professional webinar platform. Then you log in on the day of the twerXout® education and follow the training as you would actually do it in real, just virtually :)

There is one major disadvantage: - you don't get to know each other on a personal level and you don't feel the energy and the class atmosphere.

However, there are many advantages of online training compared to the "normal".

  • The training fee is much cheaper!
  • No personal costs for flight, train, car and accommodation etc.
  • Participate comfortably from home
  • Entire training can be saved and viewed again
  • Breaks are shortened and therefore more time for questions

It still stays the same

  • The masterclass is held LIVE and you can even see yourself and other participants
  • Theory can of course still be explained well
  • There is more time to answer questions intensively
  • Presentation / examination will be taken as usual
  • Feedback round as well as individual feedback can take place

That is different:

  • The license is only sent in electronic form as a PDF.
  • You don´t have a T-Shirt included, but if you like to purchase one, you will get 50 % off

Basically there are more and more decisive advantages than disadvantages, so check out when the next training in your language is available on a suitable date and register, we can´t wait!

Failing the exam means that you do not receive a license and are therefore not authorized to teach twerXout® courses. This happens in these cases:

A. Not participated or not presented
The examination does not pass if the examination / presentation has not been carried out or the second day of training has not been attended.

B. Poor presentation
If the participant does a poor job in the presentation by not addressing any points discussed on the previous day, not adhering to rules or not considering techniques, the participant will be denied the license.

The announcement about passing or failing will take place in a personal feedback conversation and not in front of other participants.

In the rather rare case of failure, it is decided on a case-by-case basis whether a review of the exam should be allowed. No participant is entitled to it. A maximum of 1 review can be taken.

Allgemeine Fragen

No. In each twerXout® class we say what is important to think of. For example, that your back and center should always be strong, no hollow back or round back should be formed. Twerking requires technique and we convey this too. In the functional choreographies in which we integrate strength exercises, we show the correct knee position and other postures that are worth knowing for a correct execution. If students cannot perform a particular exercise, we offer alternative movements. A twerXout® Stunde gestaltet sich also immer nach dem Maß deiner Möglichkeiten. Also keine Sorge 😉

No of course not! You can wear what you want. Since it is a lot of shaking your booty is only a narrow "Yogapants" unfavorable. In the best case you wear a thin leggings, loose sweatpants or just a short. Just wear what you feel comfortable in.

Please write us a message via the contact form, which city/country you are from and where you most likely want to join a twerXout® Kurs teilnehmen möchtest. Schon bald könnte sich also ein Kurs in deiner Nähe ergeben 😉

A twerXout® Kurse ist für alle Tanz- und Fitness Liebhaber, egal ob jung oder alt, dick oder dünn, Mann oder Frau geeignet. Unsere Kursteilnehmer sind zwischen 16 und 65 Jahre alt. Eine Höchstgrenze gibt es aber nicht! Du bist so alt, wie du dich fühlst, wie es so schön heißt 😉 Also worauf wartest du?


You will receive an invoice after registration. This must be paid by the date stated on the invoice and before the start of training as a trainer license. Payment by paypal is also possible. Please note that we can only offer limited places for the training and can only secure a fixed participation if the license fee has been paid in full.

You can cancel your participation in the training at any time. However, the following conditions apply:

Registration for training is binding. If you have registered under prepayment, we will charge a fee of € 60.00 if you cancel 14 days before the start of the training. Of course, this also applies to non-appearance without cancellation.

If you have registered and have already transferred the fee for the basic training, or have paid via PayPal, you will not receive a refund. We will move you to another city, where you will then complete your trainer license training or you can participate in an LIVE Online Training Program

You click on Become a trainer, find your date and location and fill in your personal dates here. Afterwards you will receive an confirmation mail.