What is twerXout fitness?

First of all it means DANCE, DANCE, DANCE

You will finally learn how to twerk, dance, burn calories, sweat, build muscles, improve your stamina and coordination and smile happily at the same time.

Sounds good?

Of course it does!

Do twerXout ® fitness.

twerXout® fitness

an innovative Dance-Fitness-Workout

It combines intensive exercises with basic twerk elements which makes it something you’ve never done before.

twerXout® fitness program works with your body weight and finally fights all prejudice. Twerking is only “shaking your butt”. Constant training in squat-position will make your legs and booty burn. Through the dance parts you will sweat a lot and don´t even notice that your are burning loads of calories, because we made it through fun!

Become fit and have fun at the same time!

Everyone can do it, there are no exeptions.

Course structure:
The class starts with a warm-up to increase blood circulation and prepare your body for the training. The training continues with basic twerk elements. Correct technique is important for learning the basics and avoiding injuries. The functional training part and power exercises with dance elements will help to build your muscles and increase your strength and stamina. Twerking won’t let you down either. It’ll present you with easy dance routine that’ll improve your coordination.

We’ll work hard to hot rhythms burning tons of calories at the same time. There is a cool-down and stretching part at the end of each training. twerXout ® fitness is a full-body workout with special work on legs and bottom with great fun.

Course includes:

Twerking Basics

Muscle Building

Improving Stamina

Burning Calories

Increasing Coordination

Dancing to hot Rhythms

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