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The initial idea to develop a fitness program based on twerking came quite spontaneously during joint training sessions. Kristina and Rimma were exhausted and agreed that Twerking is as hard as any regular fitness course. “There isn’t a twerk-fitness-program”, said Kristina, “let’s make one.” Rimma agreed and immediately thought of tons of ideas. But the realization wasn’t as easy as it seemed in the beginning.

The development of this dance-fitness program went on for months and brought some difficulties. But faith in the project and strong will chased all the doubts away. Since September 2016, twerXout®® beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt (DPMA) sowie der World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) für die EU, CH und UK als geschützte Wortmarke geführt.


of our lives and we’ve put so much heart and hard-work into it that we see nothing but success for it in the future.

Already in May 2017 they organized the first trainer training in Hanover and trained their first team of 12 trainers. 
The trainer license courses were then carried out in many different cities in Germany and their neighbor countries, resulting in trainers who could not be more different. They are employees, artists, students, soldiers, dancers, athletes or primary school teachers. A beautiful variety of flowering personalities. twerXout® would like to keep expanding and give trainers worldwide the chance to acquire a twerXout® license to give their own classes. 

Now there are also live ONLINE TRAININGS, which make it possible to participate in the instructor trainings more cost efficient and make you attend from anywhere in the world.  

There are twerXout® courses in sports, gyms and dance schools in many parts of Europe. In addition, the numerous trainers give many workshops and courses, so that the community is constantly growing.

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Rimma Banina

Already in Russia, Rimma worked as a trainer, led various dance and group fitness classes and gained a lot of experience as a coordinator of well-known gym. She has taught dance classes in high heels, dancehall and twerk and contributed to the growth of the dance scene in Germany. Together with Kristina Lipchev she developed the dance fitness program twerXout®. Rimma leaves twerXout® in December 2022 to pursue her own goals.

Kristina Lipchev

Kristina is trained in communications and industrial management and is a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. Today she lives and teaches dance styles as Contemporary, Strip Heels and Twerk in Zurich, Switzerland. Together with Rimma Banina she developed the dance fitness program twerXout®. Since 2023 Kristina is solely responsible for the management and development of twerXout®.

The Team

MAY 2017
The first initial training



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