twerXperience Nr. 10 – 25 & 26 May 2024

99,00 160,00 

twerXperience Nr. 10


FULL PASS, 160,00 €


Two Days full of Twerk & Dance Experience
25 & 26 May 2024


It´s time for the next episode! The ultimate twerXperience Nr. 10 in the building!
This time we go crazy in Dortmund, Germany!



Intensive Workshops with an amazing Line-Up of
Artists and Instructors, Professionals as well as Newcomers from different corners of the world.

Workshops on Saturday & Sunday range from classes of Twerk Technique, twerXout®, Twerk Choreography, Bounce, Twerk Freestyle, Twerk n Tricks, High Heels and Floorplay.

This edition will have a special BATTLE in two categories:

OPEN BATTLE – in which everyone can participate, without any limitations, for more experienced dancers.
BEGINNERS BATTLE – in which anybody who twerks less than 1 year or has a BEG to MED level can participate.


Line UP

= Twerk God Q (US) from Tampa, Florida

Coming all the way from Florida, Twerk God Q will share his energy and knowledge about Twerk culture in the US and show the differences in styles and fundamentals. He will give not only a lecture with practical information but also teach us his crazy choreography which is based on acrobatic elements and crazy Twerking in various positions. And whats new for us – he will teach us what Bucking is 🙂

= Elemapouka (ESP) from Madrid, Spain

@elemapouka 🔥

Elena is an absolute Twerk Freestyle enthusiast. Her freestyle is strongly characterized by creative transitions as well as innovative ways to use her strong Twerk technique in freestyle sessions and battles.  She has been participating in all kind of battles in many countries and was able to win the Swiss (2022) and the Lithuanian Twerk Championship (2023) and placed second in the Spain Twerk Champions 2023, and represents the Revolution-Twerk-Crew. She will teach us a Twerk Freestyle class and present her system of creating flow and transitions combined with Twerk technique.

= Annie (GER) from Germany

@annie.vibes_ 🔥

When Annie starts to move, you are blown away by her incredible energy in a second. Annie is teaching Twerk in Kassel for many years already and has a lot to share with us. From technique, dance skills and acrobatic elements to a badass attitude, so you can only want more of that fire. She will teach a powerful choreography and a Twerk n`Tricks class.

= Katja Morozova (UKR/GER) from Germany


Katjas excellent technique is the first thing you notice when you see her dance. Furthermore her very creative and beautifully choreographed pieces of art with a sweet but powerful touch to it. As a child Katja professionally danced Ballroom dances which have lead her to keep extravagant lines, master speed and flow at the same time and an ever changing attitude to each and every one of her choreographies. She will teach us one of her amazing High Heels Dance choreographies.

= Kristina Marks (GER/RU) from Switzerland

@kristinamarks_ 🔥

Being the organizer of twerXperience and co-founder of twerXout, Kristina is passionate about keep building a Twerk community in Germany. Besides that, she is a mastermind at explaining Twerk technique from scratch and also brings Floorplay Heels with a unique femininity and art to the table.


10:00 Registry
10:30 – 11:00 Warm Up & twerXout®
11:15 – 12:15  Twerk Technique Kristina
12:30 – 13:45 Twerk Choreography by Annie
14:00 – 15:00 Twerk Freestyle Method by Elemapouka
15:15 – 17:00 Cultural Lecture & Twerking by Twerkgod Q
17:30 – End


+ Open Battles
Judges: Elemapouka, Annie, Twerkgod Q
Host: Rudi Dancers Home

19:00 Entry
19:15 Start
22:30 End

1. Category: Beginners Battle
For those who twerk less than 1 year and/or have a Beginner to Intermediate level and want to try it out to battle in a fun and supporting environment, without fear of failing, but to learn and get out of ones comfort zone.
2. Category: Open Battle
For experienced and skilled dancers who are eager to battle and vibe with other contestants, without restrictions or limitations.


10:00 Registry
10:15 – 10:30 Warm Up & Stretch
10:30 – 11:45 Floorplay by Kristina
12:00 – 13:30 High Heels by Katja Morozova
13:45 – 15:00 Twerk n Tricks by Annie
15:30 – Kisses Goodbye & End






FULL PASS, 160,00 €

Single Classes:

available only 1 month before event and only on classes that are not sold out completely. If the whole event is sold out, then there will be no further single classes available.




Prices Battles:

10 € Participation in the battle (Open or Beginner)
3 € twerXout instructors/twerXperience participants
5 € Guests Family & Friends

The ticket is valid for entry of both battle categories.
You can purchase entry ticket right before the battle at the event location.
Only cash accepted



***Important Info***
Please note that there is a „No-Money-Back-Policy“ and we do not make any refunds or give vouchers. You can furthermore sell your ticket and inform us about the contact details of the person you have sold your ticket to.



– kneepads for both days are needed and heels for Sunday classes (this is optional)
– please bring water and snacks for the day

Questions via


Glückaufsegenstraße 82-86
44265 Dortmund