13. + 14. November 2021 – twerXperience No. 5 – Intensive Workshops – Hannover

75,00 120,00  (Preis inkl. 19% MwSt.)

EARLY BIRD: until 31st August 2021

1 DAY: 70  €

NORMAL PRICE: after 1st September 2021

1 DAY: 75 €


Single Classes:
25 € per class via twerxout@gmail.com

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Two Days full of Twerk & Dance  Experience

13. + 14. November 2021

We can finally go on with planning the next hot twerXperience for you. Nothing will stop us anymore from serving you amazing dancers and teachers, you can learn from without traveling hundreds of miles 😉 You guys love it and we have so much fun together learning, dancing and vibing! This is all that matters!

And now, it´s the ultimate twerXperience No. 5 in the building!


Two Days full of Twerk & Dance Experience:

Intensive Workshops with an amazing Line-Up of
World´s Best Artists and Instructors, as well as Newcomers!

Workshops on Saturday & Sunday range from classes of Twerk Technique, twerXout®, Afro, Latin Twerkography, High Heels Technique & Choreography, Twerk in Heels and Floorwork.

Your lovely team is there for you:


= Kristina Marks (RU) from Switzerland
Kristina will co-teach the twerXout® class and the most popular Twerking Basics everybody must know, with a routine in the end. On Sunday she will give a Floor Work class and show you how to move sensual and classy on the floor (Heels are optional, kneepads required).

= Rimma Banina (RU) from Germany
Rimma will co-teach the twerXout® class and give you the finest Twerk Moves on Heels on Sunday, to be a sexy badass on the dance floor. This class requires High Heel Shoes.

= Gabriela Gleinig (COL/ARG) from Germany
Gabriela brings you the ultimate Latin Vibes. She will co-teach the twerXout® class and show you the hottest Latin Twerk Moves. She always translates the lyrics to make you feel the song, you will dance a hot & hotter choreography to.


= Nadege Okou (CIV) from Italy
Nady was born in the Ivory Coast, the very country where the traditional Mapouka originated from. Living in Milan, Italy she is teaching Afro, Afrobeat and Twerk and is one of the main Afro and Twerk  Artists of our time. She is also part of the twerXout® team since 2020. Nady will give a Lecture about the Origin of Twerk and  and share her knowledge abut the Culture. On top you´ll learn some Afro-Twerk moves and catch a vibe.


= Danny Penninzula from Germany
Danny is an exceptional artist in the High Heels scene. With his strong technique and breathtaking choreographies, he is one of the top dancers and choreographers in Germany. Danny will give you 3 hours of finest Heels technique and choreography, to make you feel like a fierce queen, melting down the dance floor.



11.30  Registration
12.00 – 13.00 twerXout® (free class for all participants)
13.15 – 14.30 Twerk Technique by Kristina
14.45 – 16.00 Latin Twerk by Gabriela
16.15 – 16.45 Lecture Origin of Twerk & Culture by Nady
16:45 – 17.45  Afro-Twerk by Nady

+ National Pre-Selection Battles for the INTERNATIONAL TWERK CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

20.00-22.00 Battle National Twerk Champion Germany
Host: Kristina Marks
Judges: Gabriela, Nady, Rimma

10.30 Registration
11.00 – 12.15 Floor Work by Kristina
12.30 – 14.00 High Heels Technique by Danny
14.00 – 15.30 High Heels Choreography by Danny
15.45 – 17.00 Twerk on Heels by Rimma

Questions via info@twerxout.com


Twerk Battle:

If you want to participate in the national Twerking Battles, please register via twerxout@gmail.com and get further information.


EARLY BIRD: until 31st August 2021

1 DAY: 70  €


NORMAL PRICE: after 1st September 2021

1 DAY: 75 €


Single Classes:
25 € per class via twerxout@gmail.com

Entry Battles for the National Twerk Championship Germany
20:00 – 22:00
3 € twerXout instructors
5 € guests




Questions via info@twerxout.com



Move & Style Dance Academy
Vahrenwalder Str. 195a
30165 Hannover